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Lovely Heritage Down Syndrome

We foster the social development of children and young adults with Down’s Syndrome, including supporting them to develop their interpersonal social skills, friendships, play and leisure skills, independence and self-help skills, and socially acceptable behaviour.

Outcome of our work

People with Down’s syndrome as well as parents and carers of people with Down’s syndrome record the following outcome through our work.

Better chances in life

The charity aims to provide various range of support to more people with Down syndrome and to create wider public awareness of the condition and its management. Such awareness will give people with Down syndrome better chances to live normal life.

Healthier and more active people

The charity would create wider community awareness of factors that lead to Down syndrome while providing much needed help to Down syndrome patients and their families and support network. Our aim is that every person in our Community should have the opportunity to enjoy good health and wellbeing in their life. This will result in a community where being physically and mentally healthy is the norm. Our team will be better equipped to signpost Down syndrome community to other services that will help them improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Stronger communities

The charity’s activities are designed to build the capacity of our team and will enable us to reach out to more people with Down syndrome, their families and support network. Consequently, we will be in a better position to educate the wider community of what Down syndrome is and the barriers faced by Down syndrome patients.

Our Drop-in’ Sessions

Lovely Heritage Downsyndrome

Our ‘drop-in’ sessions are open to all families with children with Down syndrome and other forms of learning disability. The sessions offer a warm welcome and a chance to relax and chat to other parents while the children play, supported by our trained volunteers. The sessions often feature a visiting professional with whom the parents will be able to chat with about any worries they may have or just to pick up tips about the next developmental phase that their children may soon go through.

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The Wells Centre
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Telephone: 0744 8657 946

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